2011 ass kicking SEO contest keyword "Ramadama Dingdong"

This SEO contest competed to the ramadma dingdong phrase, out there by SEO kick 7 dot com. Why I did this SEO test? Yeah...such as why I did to the gogo2011 kobamusaji , here I just want to learn more about 2011 google SEO style, of course I hope the new domain of seokick7.com will be useful later, especially to support my online money maker.

Ramadama dingdong SEO contest started on May 2th 2011 , If you interest to take part in this funny SEO challenge, read more the rules at http://www.serpd.com/

Well, I copy the rules for you, below:

The rules are very simple. On Monday, May 2nd… we will update this post with a set of five keywords. These keywords will be obscure terms that no one would ever want to actually rank a site for on search engines… at least we REALLY hope not!

When we make the announcement with the target keywords, webmasters will purchase a domain name and being attempting to rank their site’s for the target keywords. Only domains registered on or after Monday May 2nd will be eligible to compete in the 2011 SEO Ass Kicking Contest.

  • Domain Must Be Purchased On or after May 2nd 2011 in order to be eligible
  • The contest will be judged based upon the SERPs rankings on Google for the target keywords: ramadama dingong and swamp ass.
  • The contest will run for 90 days ending on August 2nd 2011.
  • Winner will be judged based on their average performance amongst the two keyword rankings.
  • We will post weekly updates on who is winning at the end of each week. We may reach out to participants that wish to participate in speaking about their efforts or how they feel about the efforts of the other competitors.
  • We discourage black hat techniques, but will not disqualify anyone from using any technique they wish in their SEO efforts. The only techniques that will get you removed from the competition is actively trying to negatively impact another contestant’s rankings. The focus is on improving your own rankings, and not spending effort on disrupting or in any way attempting to damage another contestant’s website or SERPs through black hat tactics.

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